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For many, the buying or selling of a home, business, or other piece of real estate is the most important transaction of their lives. For this reason locals looking to buy or sell often seek out a qualified real estate lawyer in Norwell, Massachusetts. Cost effectiveness is often the top reason for hiring a professional real estate lawyer to handle your transactions. Thousands of dollars can be saved or lost through the handling of legal documents pertaining to the sale of real estate. Hiring a professional real estate attorney will also give you the peace of mind in knowing that the transaction will be done promptly and correctly.

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real estate lawyer in Norwell, Massachusetts

Throughout the buying or selling process, there are opportunities to save or loose significant capital. Terms of the agreement can have significant financial impact on the real estate buyer or seller. Terms can outline repairs expected to be made by the owner or insurance implications. If overlooked these details can prove costly. An effective Norwell area real estate attorney can ensure your interests are properly advocated for – in most cases off setting the cost of hiring a trusted professional.

Service and value are what make any professional great and real estate attorneys are no exception. Value is found in the money saved through properly handling your necessary paperwork and transactions in a timely and accurate manner. Value is also found in the money saved through the advocacy of various terms found in the agreement. At Fitzgerald Law Offices, our real estate attorneys go above and beyond to ensure that our service allows our clients to relax, knowing a professional is handling the transaction with the client’s best interest in mind. If you are looking for a trusted real estate lawyer serving Norwell, Massachusetts and the surrounding area, then look no further.

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Fitzgerald Law Offices understands that our performance is a direct reflection on you as a real estate professional. Our goal is simple: 100% client satisfaction. We will go above and beyond to ensure that your deal closes. We’ll travel to accommodate your clients. We cover every county in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.


Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully represent the most seasoned real estate developer or investor. We will organize an LLC or create a Trust to hold your properties. We’ll assist you with a 1031 tax deferred exchange. We’ll convert your building into condominiums. Contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve financial success on your next project.


Purchasing a home is the most important investment of your life. You deserve to have your interests protected by a real estate attorney. The purchase process can be complex and has several very important deadlines along the way that if not met can cost you thousands of dollars. Having an attorney to represent you as a buyer will give you peace of mind and make your transaction a seamless one.