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Buying and selling real estate is an intricate process with thousands of dollars riding on its proper execution. That’s why local current and prospective homeowners take care to hire a top quality real estate lawyer in Hingham, Massachusetts. Such attorneys can maneuver homebuyers and commercial real estate buyers through purchase contracts, titles, checking easements or liens, registration of documents, taxes of transaction, terms of mortgage, and much more. Home sellers and commercial real estate owners will benefit from a real estate lawyer reviewing the agreement, helping with the deed, using power of attorney (if needed), handling closings, deposits, and insurance documents. This multitude of services offered, combined with the high monetary stakes of the transactions they handle, make hiring a real estate attorney highly attractive.

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real estate lawyer in Hingham, Massachusetts

Whether it is your first home or commercial property purchase or not, our real estate lawyers serving the Hingham area can ensure you are properly taken care of when you make your purchase. Something as seemly simple as 'making an offer' can prove to be anything but. An attorney can go over your existing offer carefully – or help you to draft one from scratch. Our lawyers can help guide you through the terms of your mortgage as well – which may appear as 'legalese' to the untrained eye. The scrutinizing of these conditions and others throughout the home and commercial property buying process by a real estate attorney can potentially save thousands of dollars and an invaluable amount of stress.

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Selling a home or commercial property is a multi-faceted process best handled with the counsel of a trusted real estate lawyer. An attorney can go through your binder with you and get the purchase and sale agreement ready. They will also help to negotiate the various terms of the agreement. Your attorney can handle problems if they should arise and do so without you intervening directly if desired. Selling a home or business with a quality real estate attorney in Hingham ensures the best possible advocacy and assistance throughout the sale process.

With all that is at stake, it is easy to see the value in hiring a real estate attorney when buying or selling a home or home business locally. Employing a local expert provides peace of mind that all necessary documents are in order and all terms have been negotiated to best serve you. Once you work with our quality real estate lawyer in Hingham, the hardest part of your sale or purchase is over.

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Loan Officers/Real Estate Agents

Fitzgerald Law Offices understands that our performance is a direct reflection on you as a real estate professional. Our goal is simple: 100% client satisfaction. We will go above and beyond to ensure that your deal closes. We’ll travel to accommodate your clients. We cover every county in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.


Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully represent the most seasoned real estate developer or investor. We will organize an LLC or create a Trust to hold your properties. We’ll assist you with a 1031 tax deferred exchange. We’ll convert your building into condominiums. Contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve financial success on your next project.


Purchasing a home is the most important investment of your life. You deserve to have your interests protected by a real estate attorney. The purchase process can be complex and has several very important deadlines along the way that if not met can cost you thousands of dollars. Having an attorney to represent you as a buyer will give you peace of mind and make your transaction a seamless one.